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A STUDY from Dr. David Jeremiah’s book “IS THIS THE END?”

Wednesday evenings at 7 pm starting Jan. 25th Oceanlake Christian Church 2100 NE 21st Street Led by Pastor Jim Hilliard Admission is free

Sermons & Lectures

Old Testament Survey – Lecture 5

Cary Moore speaks at Oceanlake Christian Church about The Garden of Eden. As part of the learning process...

Old Testament Survey – Lecture 4

Creation! Cary Moore @ Oceanlake Christian Church.

Here's a Thought

Why Disney Prefers Robbery Over Misogyny

Disney just announced it will strike the mortal blow to misogyny and human trafficking.  How?  By modifying their “Pirates of the Caribbean water ride”. (Of course) For...

Talking Monkeys

Predator, one of the greatest movies of all time (duh), contains a scene where mud covered super soldier Arnold Schwarzenegger grabs his extraterrestrial enemy...

Great Trips I’ve Had

The Mighty Sea