Grand Canyon


Easter makes me think of the Grand Canyon – for several reasons. First of all, what colors do you associate with Easter? Pastels, right? Soft, multicolored, pleasant basketfuls of colors, right? Okay, so maybe that is thanks to Paas and their nuclear dye tablets that dissolve in vinegar and color eggs and everything else in their vicinity – hands, clothes, furniture – unimaginable colors.

But, in my mind’s eye the colors are pleasant and varied – just like the colors I saw in a sunset over the Grand Canyon several years ago.

Another reason that Easter makes me think of the Grand Canyon is expressed lyrically in the song, Grand Canyon, by FFH. Sometimes in my life I have been so deeply engrossed in my own life that God seems far, far away. At first, I feel like I don’t need Him. Things are going well. Problems are manageable. Life is good! Who needs God? He would just bring me down by exposing some weakness in my life. I don’t need that! Life is too short to deal with all that negativity.

Pretty soon, I am consumed by the world around me and I feel all alone. God has abandoned me to my own will. But, you know what, He really hasn’t.

If you are at one of those times in your life when you are staring into the chasm, feeling alone and wondering why God has abandoned you, step out in faith – He is reaching for you! As long as you mask the pain and loneliness, He will continue to call you, but He can’t stop your bleeding until you are willing to show Him your thorn.

At Easter, and several other times during the year, I am reminded that He is still there, reaching out across the Grand Canyon, waiting for me to take His hand. I can’t make it across the chasm from my world to His kingdom on my own – not even on a rocket-powered motorcycle – but He can in an instant because His Son, Jesus Christ, lived and died for me – and you.

We have been redeemed – reconciled to our Father, Master, Creator!

Happy Easter!

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longtime resident of Lincoln CIty, is part-owner of the Ester Lee Motel, a family business for over 40 years. He is a part of the Church of Christ. Jason graduated from Taft High School and Oregon State University. He also attended graduate school at George Fox University. He enjoys the beach, reading, following his favorite sports teams, traveling, and spending times with family and friends.