A Matter of Perspective


Have you ever thought about why God seems to pay no attention to you when you are going through a huge ‘crisis’? Sometimes, the things we experience seem like the only thing in the world that matters. The experience becomes so large that it blocks out everything else around us. We become self-absorbed and wonder why God (or anyone else for that matter) won’t take it as seriously as we do. There is nothing wrong with this – it is our nature to place more emphasis on the events in our lives. The old adage about the difference between minor surgery and major surgery is a prime example of this concept: it’s minor surgery if it happens to you, it’s major surgery if it happens to me. Our world becomes consumed by these things and we wish that God would care as much as we do.

Sometime, when you aren’t going through one of these crises, think about this: just as we are consumed by experiences that matter to us, God is consumed by His love for us. We are His world. We matter to Him. Just like we want what is best for ourselves, God wants what is best for us too. The difference is that He knows what is truly best for us. He has the big picture in His hands.

We are the focus of God’s love. Think about that. God loves us so much that what is best for us matters deeply to Him. Not just once or sometimes, but ALL the time. Trust Him. Trust in His love. When those moments come that seem like the fate of your world could be irreversibly affected, remember this and trust in your Father who loves you deeply to guide you in the way you should go. Let your world be consumed by the experiences that God has in store for you.

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longtime resident of Lincoln CIty, is part-owner of the Ester Lee Motel, a family business for over 40 years. He is a part of the Church of Christ. Jason graduated from Taft High School and Oregon State University. He also attended graduate school at George Fox University. He enjoys the beach, reading, following his favorite sports teams, traveling, and spending times with family and friends.