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Are you a church that is starting to post on Church This walk-through is for you.

Submitting an Article

To submit an article click the SUBMISSION link in the menu.

Enter a title.title   Church Bulletin

Enter the text for your article in the TEXT box.text bulletin

Choose CHURCH NEWS & EVENTS from the drop down category list.cata Church Bulletin










Submitting an Event

To submit an event click the SUBMISSION link in the menu bar.

Enter a Title for the event. Please include the DATE, TIME, and where it is located.

Now add your main content to the text box.

We want to post an event so we want to scroll down the page until we find SELECT A CATEGORY.

cata Church Bulletin



When you are done just click the PUBLISH button at the bottom.

If you can’t figure out where to place pictures or it looks funny DON’T WORRY.  We will format it for you and make it look fantastic. Just focus on getting your content submitted and we’ll handle the rest.




Submitting a Video

This is the same as above except you will choose INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS as the category and add a YouTube or Vimeo link somewhere in your Text box. We will make sure your post is made into a video. You will need to upload your video to YouTube and copy the WEB Address and paste it into the TEXT box.

Your link should look like this:

Click PUBLISH when done.


Submitting a Website

Do you have a website you like and want to share with others?

Put a web address (URL) in the title or text box.


You can type a description of the site if you like in the TEXT box.

Choose SUBMIT A WEBSITE from the category drop down.
website   Church Bulletin

Click Publish.







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